Tully Sugar Mill
Tully Sugar Mill
Tully Sugar Mill during the Harvesting Season

There is so much more to Tully than just being a sugar town.  The district has become hugely important for banana growing as well. Tully Gorge and beautiful swimming holes, such as Alligator’s Nest are worth the visit alone.

Tully is set to have a huge year in 2019 with the White Water Rafting World Championships. read more 

The Tully Mill is vital to the local economy.  Tully is one of the main sugar-producing regions of Queensland with more than 22,000 ha of sugar cane extending from the Kennedy Valley in the south to El Arish in the north.  The harvest season is usually from June to mid-November with nearly 3 million tonnes of cane crushed at the Tully Sugar Mill.  During harvest season the mill operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day and run interesting tours for visitors.  Unlike the idyllic beach locations in the surrounding area, it is known as a town driven by industry which attracts backpackers from all over the world to work on the banana plantations which cover about 5000 ha of land.

Tully's Golden GumbootFamous as the wettest town in Australia, as celebrated by the town’s giant “Golden Gumboot”.  Tully has an annual average rainfall of 4.27 metres (4270 mm) and a record for the highest annual rainfall in a populated area of Australia, with 7.9 metres (7900 mm) in 1950.  Hence the most magnificent rainbows!  It is 208 km north of Townsville and 141 km south of Cairns on the Bruce Highway.

Tully 2019 White Water Rafting Championships

Tully Gorge