Can you Find Cassie?

Each week one lucky person will find Cassie the Cassowary! Cassie is lost.   Every week she is in a new place sending clues to us to tell you how to find her! Who is Cassie?   Cassie is a gorgeous soft toy Cassowary.  She is ready for her new home and promises that she’s always loving and cuddly!! How it works: Every week on Monday a new clue will be released and, … Continue readingCan you Find Cassie?

Best places to spot a cassowary in the wild

Southern Cassowaries of the Rainforests of North Queensland. With thanks to SHELLEY WINKEL – You would think finding a 60kg bird, some as big as two metres in height, would be easy, wouldn’t you? Especially when they’ve got a brilliant-blue neck and rapper-sized red throat bling, known as a wattle. But it’s not.   Throw in a thick jungle camouflage, a considered rarity – there’s only 4000 remaining in the … Continue readingBest places to spot a cassowary in the wild

Tropical North Queensland

[sp_blog_masonry limit=”10″ category=”5″ category_name=”cassowary” design=”design-1″ grid=”2″ pagination=”false” show_date=”true” show_category_name=”true” show_content=”true” content_words_limit=”20″ show_read_more=”true” content_tail=”…” link_target=”self” load_more_text=”Load More Post” order=”desc” orderby=”post_date” exclude_post=”1,2″ posts=”5,10,15″] Going Solo?  Want a Safe, Uncrowded Destination with cool local knowledge and unique food, flora, fauna and adventure? DISCOVER THE UNTOUCHED CASSOWARY COAST NORTH QUEENSLAND FOR YOUR NEXT HOLIDAY! You can virtually guarantee you will see the magnificent and endangered Cassowary, eat Tropical Rainforest fruits and fresh local produce.  … Continue readingTropical North Queensland