Wet Tropics National Parks

Clump Island View from Bicton Hill summit. Photo: Julie Swartz, Queensland Government.Family Islands National Park & Great Barrier Reef Marine Park



  • Clump Mountain National Park
  • Djiru National Park
  • Eubenangee Swamp National Park
  • Girramay National Park (Edmund Kennedy; Murray Falls)
  • Russell River National Park
  • Tully Gorge National Park
  • Wooroonooran National Park (Walshs Pyramid; Goldsborough Valley; Josephine Falls; Palmerston; Goldfield trail)
  • Island National Parks

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What’s special

This park features iconic Bicton Hill, where visitors can experience tropical lowland rainforest, spectacular coastal views over Bingil Bay and the Family Islands, and birdwatching opportunities.

The Djiru Aboriginal people, the Traditional Owners of Clump Mountain National Park, welcome you and ask that you respect their special place.

Dunk Island is the largest Island in the Family Islands National Park and more than half the island is declared National Park. The waters that surround Dunk are a conservation zone within the Hinchinbrook Management Area of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Visitors are encouraged to enjoy these beautiful natural spaces in accordance with the rules for both parks. Please do not disturb or remove any flora, fauna or habitat within the Marine & National parks.

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