Kurrimine Beach


Kurrimine Beach, hidden away just off the Bruce Highway, just north of Mission Beach at the Silkwood turn-off is the perfect fishing spot. It is a popular place for fishers from all around the tropical north. The beach stretches for many kilometres, and a large reef (King Reef) extends out from the beach for over 200 meters, making swimming and boating difficult except on high tides but provide for wonderful fishing.  Birdwatchers too will find  the area immensely interesting as it is an important conservation area.

Kurrimine Beach King-Reef-TavernAlong the beachfront are eco cabins and a caravan park, and a terrific Tavern and Restaurant set right on the beach.  Perfect for children to play while parents can watch and enjoy a quiet ale and watch the magnificent sunsets over the water.  There is also a great Water Park that will keep both children and parents occupied for hours.

It is untouched by major development and  sustains the old-world flavour of the tropical north yet boasts excellent accommodation.

Two National Parks that surround Kurrimine Beach  – Maria Creek National Park to the south and Kurrimine Beach National Park to the North.  Maria Creek National Park is part of the Coastal Wet Tropics Important Bird Area, identified as such by BirdLife International because of its importance for the conservation of lowland tropical rainforest birds.

Kurrimine Beach National Park’s traditional owners are The Ma:Mu Aboriginals who welcome you to their country and ask that you visit respectfully. Lowland coastal vegetation, including mesophyll vine forest, has been preserved within these parks. While there is no public access to the national park, there is a short interpretive walk through the conservation park. more information