Indigenous Aboriginal Tours

Spirit of the Rainforest

Discover the secrets of the Indigenous aboriginal culture and dreamtime places with guided tours to Echo Falls. A cultural journey into the World Heritage rainforest. Experienced Aboriginal guides will lead you through awe-inspiring rainforest, along crystal clear creeks and tranquil waterholes to the Echo Creek Falls. For thousands of years these routes were important social gatherings of the local aboriginal tribes and for the seasonal collection of plants and animals. This Queensland Heritage listed 4 hour walk allows you to experience life in the rainforest, learning about Aboriginal uses of flora and fauna, listening to dreamtime stories and visiting sacred story places. Tours run Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturday or by arrangement.

Ingan Yunba Tour

A unique and authentic Aboriginal experience for short stay travellers.  Includes a guided walk with interpretation of the rainforest environment to the beautiful healing pond.

Echo Falls, Albert River Track (Excerpt), Lamington National Park, Queensland, Australia. from Duncan Waddell on Vimeo.

This is the home of the Jirrbal aboriginal people which stretches from the Coral Sea to the mountain ranges and the tableland plateaus beyond, and included many river valleys and associated lagoons and swamps.  Structurally, the mountains are composed predominantly of granitic and metamorphic rocks, while the plateaus are basaltic. Rivers flow down from the ranges frequently through steeply incised valleys with numerous waterfalls.  The coastal plain and valleys are alluvial: the Tully and Murray Rivers flow between broad sandbanks as they approach the sea.

The Jirrbal aboriginal people welcome you to Country and ask that you respect their special places.

On your way from the Cassowary Coast there is another excellent authentic Aboriginal Cultural and History tour at Mungalla Station