El Arish


Come take a Walk through the Historic WW1 Soldier Settlement Town of El Arish  

Returned WW1 Soldiers were provided with land in North Queensland to establish a new settlement and farming region. Hence the start of this historical village.El Arish Tavern

Picturesque El Arish (pronounced El-A-rīsh) is nestled in the Mission Beach hinterland just off the Bruce Highway between Tully in the south and Innisfail in the north.  It is surrounded by rainforest, cane paddocks, banana farms and beautiful scenery.  This town has WW1 historical significance as one of the first Soldier Settlements after WW1.El Arish Soldier Settlement WW1

This tiny settlement with a population of around 270, is still home to  many of the families who originally settled here after WW1. Their ancestors  came to this Soldier Settlement when it was established under “The Returned Soldiers Settlement Act of 1917“. Under the Act the area was first called “The Maria Creek Soldiers’ Settlement” at El Arish and was established on the 1st August 1920.  The Digger’s museum houses interesting memorabilia and fascinating information about the settlement and the families that established it.

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Streets of El Arish – “We Salute our Generals”
The streets in El Arish were all, but one, named after well-known leaders in WW1 and each street sign has a condensed history of these WW1 leaders.

● Monash – General Sir John
● Chauvel – Brigadier General Sir Henry George (Harry)
● Ryrie – Brigadier General Granville (Bull)
● Royston – Brigadier General John Robinson
● Glasgow – Major General Sir Thomas William
● Wilson – Major General Lachlan Chisholm

Francis Martin Street was named after the Supervisor of the Settlement and in later years it was added to the town.
● Millington Road was also added.  Major Tasman Millington O.B.E. was born in Tasmania and fought at the landing at Gallipoli and later in France.  In 1919 he was part of the Imperial War Graves Commission.

Contact: El Arish Diggers Museum (History Station)
Chauvel Street, El Arish, Queensland
Mobile: 0438 288 412 or info@elarishnq.com

Open Friday 9.30 – Morning Tea.
All Welcome! Other times by arrangement. Give Marie Carman a call on 0438 288 412

El Arish also boasts an excellent Golf Course 

Find out more about this special little historical town at www.elarishnq.com

The Traditional People of this area are the Djiru Aboriginal People. They welcome you to their country and ask that you respect their special places.